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Indeever Madireddy is the founder and the president of FireWorks. Indeever’s mission is to bring awareness among young students in the world to make sound financial choices and environmental decisions. Moreover, he started this organization to provide a platform for volunteers who want to impact their communities. He is currently focusing on building the fireworks team both locally and internationally and developing the curriculum for the seminars. Indeever is currently a sophomore at Basis Independent Silicon Valley and is an avid fish keeper and aquarist.


Program Director

Shravan is the Program Director at Fireworks. He is in charge of reaching out to various schools in the United States and organizing seminars, as well as helping out on presentations occasionally. He takes great pride in maintaining the Fireworks website. He's currently a junior at Saratoga High School.


Senior Executive

Kaffy is the Session Leader at Fireworks. He is in charge of leading the sessions and helping present the presentations. He is extremely interested in economics and finance, he joined Fireworks to help spread financial literacy to others all across the nation to make sure they can make financially sound decisions while also learning how to help the environment. He is currently a junior at Herndon High School. He is also a very outgoing person and loves to volunteer in his free time.


Senior Executive

Tony Wu is the Social Media Manager and Tutor at FIREworks. Tony joined the FIREworks team because he is excited about teaching future generations the importance of financial independence, and how it may affect the decisions in their lives. He is also very interested in learning things he did not know before about financial management and its impact on the environment through helping others. Tony is currently a sophomore at Ritsumeikan Uji High School, located in Kyoto, Japan. In his spare time, Tony likes to play table tennis and listen to classical music.

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